Workers Compensation for Churches

Workers compensation for churches, ministries, private schools and camps in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington

Workers compensation for churches, ministries, private schools and camps are designed to benefit employees who have been injured, in a work-related accident or illness.  The benefits provide medical and disability income to offset costs associated with the issue.

Unless the law specifically exempts churches in your particular state, church, ministries, private schools and camp employers are subject to Worker’s Compensation laws.  In some instances, Worker’s Compensation may extend to some volunteers who may be working under the supervision of a church employee.

Our agents have access to numerous Worker’s Compensation insurance quotes and policies. We work directly with you to find affordable and complete coverage against employee job-related injuries and illnesses, as well as certain medical expenses, lost income, and rehabilitation expenses.

My Ministry Insurance is a division of the Glidewell Investments & Insurance Group, a church insurance agency, an independent, family-owned business.  One of our specialties is serving churches, ministries, private schools and camps.

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