Speaking of Taxes and Ministries…

Speaking of Taxes and Ministries…


I share this Peanuts joke because I have some valuable information that I’m concerned will come across as dreary…and if anyone can bring levity to taxes…it’s Snoopy.

Just a reminder to the ministries with whom we work:
1 köpa viagra.       Some ministries, unwittingly, are out of compliance with IRS payroll tax code (at the bottom of this e-mail are some helpful links).

2.       Brotherhood Mutual offers a payroll service that is designed exclusively for ministries.  As always, if you have questions or concerns please contact me at (406) 258-0029 or my associate Christopher Van Note at (406) 284-7077

Thanks, and as promised above, here are some helpful links:
* A 2014 Forbes article (forbes.com/sites/robertwood/2014/08/14/shocking-report-says-nonprofits-owe-875-million-in-taxes-to-irs/#48269ab83806  that reminds ministries of the importance of ensuring your ministry is in compliance (infractions could even apply to Officers and Directors of the ministry).
* Information on “Ministry Works”, the Payroll Service through Brotherhood Mutual – myministryinsurance.com/church-insurance-resources/ministryworks-payroll-services/

BTW –  Your ministry does not have to be insured by Brotherhood Mutual to utilize this Payroll Service.

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