Planning for Christmas

In this Issue…

  • 3 Simple Ways to Have More Money in Your 2013 Budget
  • Church Holiday Decoration Hazard; Avoid Paying for an Easily Avoidable Accident
  • Dave Ramsey’s Christmas Budget – a MUST for Every Budget Conscious Leader.

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Have More Money for the holidays by using your insurance renewal as an opportunity to reduce ministry costs.

It is our goal to provide ministries with the tools to recognize the opportunities to save money when their insurance renews. But for most organizations, the insurance renewal is an agenda item that no one really wants to discuss… yet recognizes the importance. We have simplified the process for you. You will be able to oversee the renewal process with confidence.

We are providing a document containing tips that will help your board meeting run smoother as you discuss ways to save money at renewal insurance time.

Three Tips regarding your Ministry’s renewal

Church Holiday Decoration Hazards.

Most, if not all ministries ensure that their building reflects the celebratory season of the birth of Jesus Christ…and in our opinion – they should! However, if proper precautions are not made, Christmas memories may not be the ones intended to be made!

Learn more about the Hazards of Holiday decorations.

Dave Ramsey’s Christmas Budget

Provide gifts for your family without expanding your budget waistline. Our two resident Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers (see links for their web-sites below) provided this Christmas budget gift that will help the financial stress too commonly associated with Christmas.

Print out a Dave Ramsey Christmas Budget.