Local Pastor Makes Good!

Congratulations to Pastor Bob Johnson of Great Falls Christian Center who achieved a long held goal and dream!

Read the article from the Missoulian.com

Can you be innocent of Sexual Misconduct…but still GUILTY???

Earlier this year, a jury convicted a church official in Philadelphia on charges of child endangerment – this case is historic because it marks the first time a church leader not personally involved in abuse has been criminally charged for endangering the welfare of a child by not putting a stop to it.

While acquitted on two other charges, the church official faces up to seven years in prison for failing to do enough to stop a predatory priest from having access to children. It is critically important your ministry is pro-actively doing all it can to prevent abuse & false allegations!.

And remember,

You have three resources readily available to you for information on what is expected of your ministry to keep everyone safe.

1.  E-mail our customer service department

2.  Online forms, policy changes, online payment, online quote and report a claim

3.  www.brotherhoodmutual.com

4.  www.guideone.com

Have you seen this sign?

2012-09-legacy-signOne of our agents observed his parking lot ‘Warning Sign’ for icy sidewalks, which prompted this question:

SHOULD organizations hang warning signs? (like skateboarding, etc.)

We have three answers to that question:

1. Have you asked your attorney??? The best advice we may ever give to the ministries we work with is to invest in a relationship with a qualified attorney. Situations vary and court interpretations can be inconsistent. EVERY ministry should meet with their attorney on a regular basis to review situations like, “should we put up a sign?”

2. Ironically, there can be ‘dangers’ in placing signs or even utilizing waivers. This quote from wisegeek.com is an interesting one:

“Some courts don’t view waiver of liability provisions favorably because these clauses have the potential to allow a negligent party to avoid responsibility for negligent or reckless behavior. In other words, a waiver attempts to make the waiving party solely responsible for his or her injuries — even if those injuries were caused by the non-waiving party. Given this issue, some courts do not enforce waivers at all while other courts enforce with great caution.” – wiseGEEK.com

3. There are certain exposures that a business or church adopts that are inherently risky and should be managed in a way to mitigate negligence. Regardless of trying to shift the risk to another party, however, the property owner still must fulfill a reasonable expectation of care and responsibility. In other words, they cannot shift all risk to a third party regardless of their involvement.