Are you qualified to explain “medical payments” to the other leaders in your ministry?

Question #1:

Situation: You, as a paid leader of your ministry, are working late at the church and need to go downstairs; unfortunately, you trip on the bottom step and break your ankle. One emergency room visit later you are the proud owner of a walking cast and a bill for $3,995. Unfortunately, you have no health insurance, but you recall that your ministry insurance policy provides coverage titled, “Medical Payments.” You therefore submit the bill for $3,995.

Question: Will this be covered and reimbursed by the company?

Multiple Choice

A.Yes, only after the deductible is subtracted out of the total.

B. Yes, the entire $3,995 will be paid.

C. No, there is zero coverage…but it might be covered as a worker’s compensation claim


If you answered ‘A’ or ‘B’…you are not alone, that is a popular answer. Unfortunately, the correct answer is ‘C’. As you are a paid leader, and not a guest, there is no coverage.

Question #2

True or False: As a youth group activity one night, the kids played indoor soccer. Unfortunately, one of the kids stepped on the ball and broke their ankle. Total bill? You guessed it, $3,995 True or False…this will be covered under “Medical Payments”.


True https://trustp..nnance/!
IF “Athletic Medical Payments” is included on your policy.

Question #3

True or False: “Medical Payments”, Health Insurance and Worker’s Compensation are essentially the same.



But you are not alone if you find the difference between the three confusing.