MinistryWorks: specially designed payroll service exclusively for churches

Navigating the complex world of payroll processing is a challenge for today’s ministry. From maintaining salary and benefit information to filing federal, state and local income tax withholdings, you need a simple, convenient option.
Now there’s help designed specifically for churches and related ministries – MinistryWorks. A payroll solution developed by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company.

Payroll processing can be time-consuming

This service supports ministries by handling payroll processing and tax filing so you can focus on the primary role of your ministry.

Outsourcing payroll services can be costly

MinsitryWorks provides a ministry-friendly alternative. On average, MinistryWorks rates are $2 per employee/per payroll. At year end, we only charge $10 per employee to cover W2 and tax filing services. Use our pricing calculator at for a free estimate.

Most payroll companies don’t focus exclusively on ministries

We understand that clergy and ministry tax laws are unique and we direct our resources toward understanding your ministry’s payroll needs and requirements.

Switching is easy

MinistryWorks provides one-on-one guidance every step of the way to give you a quick and seamless transition. We serve as your payroll partner from day one.

Just three simple steps

1. MinistryWorks will start with a payroll needs analysis, complete a few set-up forms, and decide upon a frist payroll date.

2. MinistryWorks will work with you to obtain the necessary payroll and tax reports from your current payroll system.

3. MinistryWorks will run test to ensure all earnings, deductions and taxes are calculated correctly.

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What MinistryWorks Provides

Payroll Processing Services

1. Full Service direct deposit

3. Calculation of federal, state and local income tax withholdings

4. Special withholdings; health insurance premiums, retirements planss

5. Deduction: membership dues, charitable contributions, garnishments

Payroll Tax Filings Services

1. Collection and remittance of federal, state and local income tax withholding

2. Timely filing of federal, state and local tax returns

Payroll Reporting Services

1. W2 reporting

2. Social Security and Medicare reporting

3. New hire reporting

Annual Workers’ Compensation Audit Assistance

1. Report generation