6 Tips to Mitigate Cold Weather Problems

6 Tips to Mitigate Cold Weather Problems

The Weather Channel says this winter could be colder than normal…and with frigid temperatures as they are, I find that easy to believe.

Freezing Pipes is both one of the most intrusive negative consequences of cold weather AND one of the most preventable. “Intrusive” not only because the average financial cost exceeds $6,000, but it can also prevent important church activities.  Not just regular services, but what about ministries that have a food pantry or offer other critical ministries?

At a minimum, have you prepared for the upcoming cold weather by doing the following (Tips below from a 2014 Brotherhood Mutual report…costs may have increased since then)?

  1. Insulated pipes (approximately $1/ft.)
  2. During hard freeze’s run water the thickness of a pencil lead (using hot and cold water) (water cost = less than $.20 per faucet per day)
  3. Prop open interior doors and cabinets (Free)
  4. Install Water Alarms (Alarm calls your phone when a leak is detected – about $100)
  5. Insulate Attic (R-30 fiberglass insulation = about $1.50/ sq. ft.)
  6. Clear Snow From the Roof (Roof rake = about $40)

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